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Mr. D Reads

Mr. D Reads

Reading can take you anywhere you want to go, and I like going places. I want to encourage you and my students that reading is important and fun at any age. Below are selection of books that I am currently reading or have read this school year. Reading to my children counts, too. If you know of a book I might enjoy, please let me know.

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The Holy Bible - God

The most important book around. God's Word to us shines a light on His plan of salvation for a sinful, dying world. I am growing closer to Him, learning of Jesus, and trying not to repeat the history of His chosen people.

CAR by Rod Green.jpg

CAR: The Evolution of the Automobile - Rod Green

Ever wonder how your crayons feel about you? Get a new perspective and respect for every color in your box. This is a favorite of my kids. We laugh every time we read it together.

Casino Royale.jpg


I like the movies and now it's time to get into the books. 

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Jurassic Park - Crichton

Do you like the idea that dinosaurs could be brought back from extinction? You probably saw the movie and the sequels, but you have to read to original. You'll be surprised how it ends. There's more dinosaurs in this book than you can shake a stick at. This is one of my all time favorites.