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Sharing God with our Community
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Carey Hartwig

Welcome! An introduction to Carey Hartwig.

Welcome to our new site!  I am SO happy that you have found us!

Let me share with you just a little of what I do at Immanuel.  You may have seen me running around with a microphone in my hand or cables hanging from from my neck, or maybe standing in the hallway to school with a keyboard in my hand adjusting the screen to the TV monitor in the hallway.  I have a passion for technology and continue to learn new things all the time to help Immanuel Lutheran School communicate with the community.  

I also assist our principal, Mr. Hering, as well as every teacher by helping them stay organized, leading their classes in computers, and keeping track of several pieces of paperwork involved with our school.  Connections with the church is very important as we often work together on different projects.

I also have a passion for music.  In a very round-about way, the two fields are connected.  I want to capture and preserve the music I produce (sometimes), so my knowledge, limited as it is, helps me do this.  Technology also helps play music during chapel and sometimes when the children sing to enhance a Sunday morning service.  I share my passion for music in a few other ways with the students.  You may have seen me direct student handbell ringers during a church service or maybe in the community.  Music, in my mind, is addictive and once you grow a passion for it, you want to practice and share it with others.  I am so thankful that Immanuel Lutheran School offers me that opportunity.  Immanuel Bells January 29, 2017